September 9th, 2008



Location: 12 Stanley Street, Liverpool, centrally located

The stairs at Delifonseca go in two directions from the main door. Downstairs is the deli, Liverpool's only by all reports, and a pretty good one at that. I was tempted by unusual mustards, vinegars, and chocolates. Upstairs is the restaurant, which also helps provision the deli with sandwiches and salads. Apparently, sandwiches are half-price after 3 pm.

I met austengirl there for lunch yesterday. They have perhaps fifteen tables, not large, not too small, and mostly occupied on a weekday at prime lunchtime. The substantial menu was supplemented by a whole variety of specials up on the chalkboard. I couldn't remember ever having a Po'Boy before, and roast beef is one of their specialties, so I tried a bit of New Orleans in Liverpool. The beef was decent, although I'd been hoping for something richer, but the handcut chips and salad it came with were excellent. austengirl had the muffaletta, but they don't just serve food from New Orleans! The menu had a whole variety of world sandiwches, Thai salads, English pies.

For dessert, I had a lovely, gently warm hazelnut cake with Cheshire chocolate ice cream. My first thought when it arrived was "Nutella!", but really wasn't. austengirl had high praise for her pecan pie: it was about as good as the one she makes herself.

Service was friendly, if occasionally slow, but that was partially our fault for bouts of indecision. The atmosphere is pleasant, a little more upscale than café, but not intimidatingly so. If I lived more locally, it would be a very easy place to drop in on a regular basis for lunch, afternoon snacks, or dinner. An article in Restaurant magazine, combined with hobbitblue's endorsement, brought me there, but I would happily go back without prompting. Next trip to Liverpool, then?