October 1st, 2008

Fishy Circumstances

Kitchen Update

Today marks the day - I think - of having the least kitchen. The holes for the washing machine drainage and the exhaust hood were punched throught the wall today, and except for the sink, everything else is already cleared out. As soon as the contractor's tools are cleared, the kitchen will be even emptier, but those don't count as kitchen to begin with.

Speaking of the exhaust hood, I just received a phone call from the company from which we ordered it, asking how the delivery went. I'd love to know myself. Their customer service was pre-emptive. It may yet arrive this afternoon. The dishwasher, on the other hand, really did arrive, the first appliance not-destined-to-be-used-until-kitchen-installation to do so (although the kitchen sink arrived last week).

The kitchen is now painted, at least one coat of it, white ceiling, Jasmine White walls, and - in a somewhat necessarily hasty decision - a Peppermint Beach door. I'll post photos of it tomorrow. It's very - vivid; which I wasn't expecting, based on the swatch.