October 8th, 2008



I filled out a survey yesterday for the university which employs me, an anonymous survey, approved by the appropriate research oversight committee. I was doing okay with the question wording until I came to a question about breakfast. It asked "How many times per week do you eat breakfast? (A roll and coffee does not count.)"

If a roll and coffee doesn't count as breakfast, what does? Not a breakfast bar or a stack of buttered pancakes or a doughnut surely, since those are about as substantial and varied as eating a roll. Does a bagel and cream cheese count? Cereal and milk? A piece of fruit? Fruit salad? Does it have to be a full fry-up? Would two rolls count? Would orange juice instead of coffee make it count as breakfast?

Breakfast: Today, I have no idea it is or how often I eat it.
Fishy Circumstances

Kitchen update

All the appliances except for the washer-dryer have arrived.

Five meters of ducting showed up this morning, a day early. I still need to order an external grille plate, but as long as it arrives in the next week, we're good.

The cabinets and fitters come on Friday.

We have a sudden handle decision to resolve. We'd picked one we liked at the cabinet shop, and then they told us they weren't produced anymore so we'd have to pick something else, but they'd check on it, just in case. We went to B&Q, picked out an entirely different handle, and mail-ordered it last night. (We spent time trying it out in the shop first) Today, the designer mentions in passing that the handles will be delivered directly to us; the ones that were no longer produced. So now we need to decide in time to cancel one of the orders.

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