October 15th, 2008


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at the Mandeville

Location: 8-14 Mandeville Place, London, near Bond Street Station

It was the chocolate martini which lifted the tea from very nice to completely decadent. I'm not certain I've ever had champagne, a martini, or any other alcoholic confection with afternoon tea. This one was the way I wish all martinis were: smooth, rich, with a subtle hint of fruit in the form of pulped strawberries. It may more accurately have been a cocktail; it had chocolate syrup in it, but I can't remember if gin or vermouth made an appearance. The martini was one of a choice of four, an optional extra in the Mandeville Hotel's chocolate week contribution.

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You too can eat the Mandeville Hotel's chocolate-themed tea. It's available through Saturday this week.

Thanks you to flick for organizing, and, as well, to coth, bohemiancoast, easterbunny, and fjm for the delightful company.