October 31st, 2008


Chocolate and Cheese

Back when it was Chocolate Week, C. and I went to a chocolate and cheese pairing workstop at with Paul A. Young and his eponymous chocolate shop. I've eyed this even a time or two in the past when it's been offered, but it was always booked up before I stood a chance at it.

About a dozen of us gathered in the closed shop at 7 pm, with a champagne truffle to greet us in lieu of actual champagne which the chocolatier thought might distract our palate for the cheese. Once gathered, we proceeding downstairs to the kitchen; he mentioned that people rarely get to see it, but it was actually my second visit to it, the last time with haggisthesecond. On the central stainless steel and marble tabletops, a selection of large chunks and small wheels of cheese were gathered, airing for the previous three hours and ready to eat. Chocolates were lined up in small boxes. Equipped with a glass of water, plain crackers for palate-cleansing, a pen, and informative sheets of paper, we began.

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But I can still clearly remember the fluffy, happy taste of Michel Cluizel 64% with Cerney 10 day, and the after-dinner port richness and elegance of Lincolnshire Poacher with 68% Nyangbo Ghanian chocolate.

So yes - chocolate and cheese. Worth matching carefully, and worth eating together.