November 28th, 2008


Vanilla Black

Location: 17- 18 Tooks Court, London, EC4A 1LB. Tucked out of the way right near Chancery Lane station.

As it happens, it's a vegetarian restaurant, but unless you're a meat addict, you might never notice. This is no health food venue. It's all the richness and decadence of good food which just happens to be made without considering meat or fish. When Vanilla Black moved down from York to larger premises in London, York residents were sorry to see it go. Londoners, fortunately, have been happy to receive it, with a good two-thirds of the modest number of tables full on a Tuesday night.

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We wandered out into the cool evening, happy and full of conversation and good food. I want more smoked paprika biscuits. Perhaps I'll try baking them. After all, the next time I go back - and I'm sure I will - the menu will likely have wandered on to more good food which just happens to have no meat or fish in it.