December 23rd, 2008

Fishy Circumstances

Preston, Take 2

Yesterday, I posted unconvincing praise of Preston. Today, in compensation, I'll give you more compelling reasons to visit.

  • Preston is the home base for Paul Heathcote and his restaurant collection, including the Winckley Square Chophouse and the Longridge Restaurant (in which chickenfeet2003 tells me he had one of his best-ever meals).

  • Preston's Harris Museum and Art Gallery has a lovely and worthwhile collection with rotating exhibits.

  • Preston was Lancashire's main port city during the later Middle Ages, thanks to its position on the River Ribble, leading to a recent wealth of intriguing archeological excavations.*

  • Nick Park (of Wallace and Gromit fame**) and Richard Arkwright (of water frame fame, one of the enablers of the industrial revolution) were both born and raised in Preston. As was C.

More neutrally: It's still England's newest city! Also, Karl Marx called it the next St. Petersberg, which is a nice accolade for any town if you don't think about its context too closely.

* Many of these excavations are not unrelated to the massive city regeneration project, the Titheburn Project.
** A Matter of Loaf and Death on Dec 25th! Hurray!