December 31st, 2008

Fishy Circumstances


This past week-and-a-half is the longest we've yet been away from our (still fairly new-to-us) house. Much as the travels were lovely, relaxing, and sociable, it's so nice to be home again, free of a car laden with Christmas, free of the limitations of one suitcase's worth of clothing. No more driving throught wafting fog and behind gritters.

We came home to an impressive pile of Christmas cards; I don't think it's just that our friends like us, but that, having moved house, even more than usual of them were certain they had our correct address! I'm grateful to the North Americans especially, since they all are well-trained in including return addresses on their envelopes.

The York trip was good, if rapid, planned on Monday, executed on Tuesday and Wednesday. We caught up with wibblepot & co., swapping cities with them, Preston for York; evieb and her 2.5 little ones; and had an intimate little lunch with Derrick at Café Concerto (along with hungry_pixel, black_faery, M., and jaxotea, last-minute lucky bonus additions to the plan).

wibblepot inspired us to go looking for a new chocolate shop on Stonegate - Mmm... Chocolate - but alas, it was closed for stocktaking. Still, we came away from the trip with mighty fine chocolate truffles from our host (coming "soon" to the Crafty Fox website, where "soon" means "as soon as they've renovated the kitchen so it'll have a second sink, enabling it to pass health and safety inspections). The velvet chocolates and peach schnapps ones were particularly well-balanced; if only you could have some too!

There not much more than an hour remaining in the year. I have "At the Closing of the Year" from the Toys soundtrack stuck in my head. It seems like it was a very brief year - mostly, we just bought a house - but it was a good one.