March 19th, 2009

Fishy Circumstances

Books, before 1985

I had a horse phase when I was young - books, Breyer horses, summer camp, riding lessons, but definitely books. I collected the Marguerite Henry novels, some new, some - out of print - in ex-library editions. My sister joined in the phase and our parents treated us to family holidays over several summers to the island of Chincoteague and to a primo Palio, a practice horse race in Siena before the real Palio. The Palio trip was inspired by one of those ex-library copies, of an out-of-print Henry novel, Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio. Alibris tells me that it was published in 1960 and reprinted in 1967. I don't know which copy I had.

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In other scare-mongering news, the Roquefort tax tripling in the US has been postponed for a month.