April 23rd, 2009


Food Notes

Green & Black's new "Creamy Milk" bar is odd: it tastes like cream-flavored chocolate, rather than like chocolate with cream in it.

Novelty alcohol consumption: a walk-in Gin and Tonic in London. It's open for two more evenings. (via flick)

I have an incentive to make it to Melt, over in Notting Hill, sometime in the next few months. They've come out with a Rosemary & Yuzu truffle.

With nights increasingly tolerable in their coolness, we've burned coals and logs in the fire pit a few times. There's no potato better than one which, wrapped in tin foil, has cooked its way to creamy fluff, with crispy, almost caramelized sweetness to its skin.

I have a budget solution for all governments which want to have their cake and eat it too: nationalize the patisseries.