June 20th, 2009


A Tale of Two Dinners

This last week has been a whirl of out-of-town visitors. DD from Toronto, my third-grade teacher, meeting gylfinir and spending a delightful evening in her company over Japanese food, easterbunny and aca, and Derrick, down from York. And that's without counting a missed visit from austengirl. (I'm happy to say it's also been a productive week for tying off the semester's loose ends and starting work on my forthcoming conference paper.)

The Modern Pantry
Location: 47-48 St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, a block-or-so north of Farringdon. London.

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Alas, the pub reunion at the Lyric afterwards was more frustration than satisfaction: all these wonderful, wonderful people I rarely see, and too much noise to hear what they were saying!

Location: 227 High Holborn, London, immediately outside Holborn station. London.

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And so, Derrick is off to Clarion West, we're off to sofa shopping (we may someday buy one), and Taste of London is this weekend!