July 31st, 2009

Canary Wharf


"Only" a year+ after moving into this house, we've finally ordered a sofa! We've been working on choosing a sofa for ages; the ending of July sales were enough to finally push us into making a decision. C.'s parents are coming this weekend, so we're likely to spend some of it thinking about the house.

I spent part of the morning cutting back vines. Most of my time spent gardening consists of cutting back vines. I used to think gardens were synonymous with trowels; now I think they're synonymous with shears. We have vines all over the place here: passionflowers galore (now fruiting), a struggling clematis, fledgling sweetpeas, very enthusiastic roses, and the infestation from next door which I think of as kudzu, even though I know it isn't. It likes to tangle up with anything it can reach and grows rapidly. Today there was an upstart bramble to cut back as well. (I can't uproot it; it too crept in from next door.)

In unrelated news, my first published opera review arrived today! I'm not likely to review many of these for publication in my life since I rarely have informed insights into the singers themselves (rather important in opera). This one was a review of Doctor Atomic for the BSHS newsletter.