September 18th, 2009

Canary Wharf

Goodbye, Thames

I'll miss the Thames. Its pale blue meanderings gave sense to the bright tangle of Tube lines on the Underground map, kept it real and oriented. Now, without it, it's a scattering of dots and lines, ungrounded. It also looks revived, shaped by an older design sensibility. (Which makes sense, since it was not an original feature of the design.)

It's also disingenuous to take the zones off of the map. Perhaps TFL is hoping to up the odds of tourists buying the wrong kind of ticket and thus be charged penalty fares?. (Map change article.)
Laptop with wireless mouse

Phrase origins

I could tell you about orientation in Canterbury, a trip to the Good's Shed, dinner with ladymoonray and swisstone somewhere in the countryside near Tonbridge, or all about today's adventures with water and wood, but instead (and it being late), I have a question from printperson to pass on:

What is the origin of the phrase "Kill them before they multiply”?