November 24th, 2009

Fishy Circumstances

Trees and travel

When I read about last week's "Ghost Trees" in Trafalgar Square, I thought they would tower, soar, overwhelm, outscale the fountains and sculptures. printperson reported that one set of roots belonged to a tree taller than Nelson's Column. I imagined grandeur.

En route to Canterbury, with twenty minutes to spare at Charing Cross, we walked over to see them on an overcast Thursday. They were a pale shadow of what my expectations had conjured. The root clusters are enormous, yes, but dwarfed by the enormousness of the surrounding sculpture, staircase, column, and buildings. They were tied down, captive of exhibition. Here, they were seen by many, but they looked like they needed a place where they would be the largest things around, giants in chains.

printperson did note how impressive their import was, however - logged in Africa somewhere, these gnarled trees were imported; and thus had to have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected first.

In the past week, geesepalace and printperson have been visiting. We went to Canterbury and Preston and the village of Mitton to see the church there. (At the beginning of the year, we ate lunch in Mitton with makyo and A.) We cooked a somewhat impromptu Thanksgiving dinner, and ate at Rasa. It's been a busy week.