December 14th, 2009

Fishy Circumstances

Things to win

My favorite annual fundraiser, Menu for Hope, has begun. Each year, it raises money for one of the UN's food programes. This year's program is "Purchase for Progress". The real reason it's my favorite fundraiser, though, is the amazing food-related prizes to be won, from lavish multi-course meals with matching wine to market tours to food-related guidebooks to cooking classes to cases of wine. Each US$10 ticket goes towards one specific prize of your choice. (In other words, you'll only be entering to wine prizes you'd want to win.) Menu for Hope will be available to enter until December 25th.

In other news, the lovely stephanieburgis is giving away the very first ARC for her forthcoming young adult Regency fantasy novel, A Most Improper Magick. If you're tempted, contest details are here.
Santahatted Owls and fish

Decorating for the holidays

We came back from a weekend away (C. in Preston, I in London, Oxford, and Preston), parking along the street as usual.

I looked at the house on the left. I looked at the house on the right. "Why do so many people have fully-lit menorahs when we're only a couple of days into Hannukah?" I idly mused to C.

He thought they weren't menorahs at all, not in the usual sense, but rather an extrapolation: menorahs are sold this time of year, therefore they must be a Christmas decoration. Therefore there are lots of fully lit ones in windows around the neighborhood. It's rather surreal.

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