January 25th, 2010

Fishy Circumstances

Going faster

Of course I didn't take the new South-east trains high speed service to Canterbury. Why should I? Having paid the peak service Underground premium to go to zone one, what was the point in paying seven pounds extra to save myself a mere half-hour? St. Pancras is, if anything, less convenient for me than the mainline trains from Charing Cross and Victoria.

There is a Eurostar station at Stratford but it is not open yet, I knew. The Eurostar train does not stop there yet, so surely nothing else does. It took an incidental mention of Stratford station by rozallin this weekend to send me off to read otherwise. Eurostar will start running to Stratford once the new DLR extension to Stratford International is complete, hopefully sometime in 2010. In the meanwhile, a bus service connects it to Stratford. It's in the middle of the Olympics construction zone, so walking isn't recommended.

Why would there be a bus if there's no train service? It sunk in slowly. Hours later, I suddenly realized that South-east high speed trains stop at Stratford.

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