February 9th, 2010


A rotation of thoughts

  1. I wrote about windmills (among other things) for my PhD in Toronto. I've seen far more of them since I moved to England. easterbunny once set me a windmill-themed photo challenge.

  2. I bought my first Gelaskin, and it arrived last week. I hadn't realized it was a Toronto company. The robust, protective, reusable iPod sticker has a windmill on it, which is why I chose it.

  3. Today, catvalente used "windmillpunk" as a possible label for fourteenth-century high tech developments.

  4. A web search tells me this is part of a zeitgeist. In January, someone used windmillpunk on the forum at Asimovs.com.

  5. Perhaps "clockpunk" doesn't sound sufficiently medieval? Even if it did, it occurs to me that no one would think that it included water clocks. (Clock, coming from glock, must have bells, you know, in the same way that all maps are oriented by turning east to the top.)

  6. Would windmillpunk include vertical as well as horizontal-axis windmills? Does it go back to the eighth or ninth century in the Middle East or twelfth-century England?

  7. But if I argue for that, then doesn't steampunk start with ancient Greek toys?

Despite appearances in this post to the contrary, I can't be that obsessed with windmills. I don't even have an icon of any.