February 19th, 2010

Live Forever or Die Trying

Opening Ceremonies

I finally watched the opening ceremonies for the BC Olympics last night, before it expired on iPlayer. They were lovely. Occasionally, they were gripping, compelling, and moving. Mapping the structures of the current Olympics onto what I see being built every week at Stratford was an interesting exercise, but a minor part of the experience of watching.

If I had to choose a single visual highlight, I would go with the whales. They swam in and out of the projected ocean deeps, surfacing to blow real water from their spouts in a glorious mix of light and air. Other images still with me: the fields of golden wheat, the torrent of ocean cascading down the audience, the storms, and, outside and earlier, the incredible opening sequence of snowboarding in gentle curves down the pristine slope of a towering Rocky mountain.

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