March 25th, 2010

Fishy Circumstances

Logs, Ife, Staffordhisre Hoard, and Reindeer

1.4 cubic meters of logs shifted this evening. That's my exercise for the day dealt with. (Okay, I only carried half of them through the house. C. did the other half.)

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Collapse ). The object that's stayed with me however, vivid in memory, was two swimming reindeer.

An entire, modest room is currently dedicated to these two small reindeer, because they are extraordinary in so many ways. They are the oldest sculpture the museum has. 13,000 years old. They were carved by someone alive in the Ice Age, in an entirely foreign world to the one I live in. And they are gorgeous little creatures: lithe, smooth, noses lifted up, and bodies streamlined together in the current, hooves and horns precisely cut out from the tip of the mammal tusk they are made out of. Each is perhaps five inches long, not large, but rich in evocative spirit. They have come to be here, here in a large glass case, suspended for display and admiration, from such a very, very long distance of time ago.