July 1st, 2010

Fishy Circumstances

Wonder Woman, SF Poetry, chairs, roasted lemon zest powder, and Hildegard

Wonder Woman straightens her hair, succumbing to the current unstylishness of curls.

catvalente on the general state of SF poetry today. Appropriately, I am reading my first Rhysling anthology right now, sorting out what I will vote for. Even in this, pre-vetted by previous publication and consequent nomination, she has a point for a certain percentage of them. Mostly, however, I am delighted that she has brought the existence of SF poetry, and the SFPA, to the attention of so many people by posting this.

The (relative) antiquity of "chairperson".

Roasted Lemon Zest Powder at Chocolate & Zucchini - what an elegant and inspiring idea! Is this an ingredient of great commonness of which I have somehow not previously heard? Did it used to be, perhaps?

Hildegard von Bingen as the first female food writer in the West. This tempts me to go looking for potential alternatives. The corpus of her work is larger than, offhand, any other female writer from the eleventh century or earlier, but that does not automatically give her priority in all subjects she wrote about.