July 4th, 2010


Double-checking my assumptions (Purple rice/beef)

"The rice is purple / Tastes of beef..."

That sounds like made-up food from an alternate universe.
This dish might have been prepared by a creature who has tentacles.
Purple rice? Rice isn't purple.
I have eaten purple rice.
I have eaten rice which tasted of beef.
I have eaten purple rice which tasted of beef.
Nextian - Name that Fruit!

A follow-up to purple rice/beef

First, answer the original poll on purple rice & beef.

Then, if you're feeling like you would like to fill out another poll just now, here is one which examines more aspects of the same issue. (Polls are not, after all, editable.) The other one looks like it will resolve my actual point of curiousity (about which more in another post. Not today.) This one is optional extra detail.

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This poll is dedicated to desperance, who requested clarification.