July 17th, 2010

Labyrinth - Through dangers untold


We took delivery of lamp shades and Venetian masks from a weary itsjustaname and T.

C. implemented death and shredded paper.

We toured a new condo in Toronto that a friend moved into yesterday. It's opposite a retirement community. She's hoping to come to London in order to visit a friend who'll be en route to The Congo. She recommended we cancel the trip to mainland Europe and go visit Turkmenistan instead.

I booked fish and tea, and read about Iowa pork. I finally feel I know why the pork I grew up on is so very good, which makes me reluctant to order it anywhere else. I am inevitably disappointed. Also, I am nearly done with The Telling.

The passionflower vine is entwining itself with the hanging basket, the lavender, the yellow-flowered shrub covered in fine-haired irritant next door. Soon, if I do not trim it back, it will shroud the house in passionflowers, and we will sleep for a hundred years.