August 26th, 2010

Portrait as a Renaissance artist-enginee

Ozark Medieval Fortress, Part 1

Last September, construction began on a medieval-style fortress up in the Ozarks in northern Arkansas, not too far away from Branson, MO. The Ozark Medieval Fortress opened to the public in May of this year. It's a twenty-year project on land donated by a French couple living in Arkansas who had seen a castle being built in France from scratch and suggested to the man whose project it is that one be built in the Ozarks too.

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I think it's a wonderful project. The building of it is likely to be far more interesting than the existence, twenty years from now, of a thirteenth-century style castle in Ozarks. Their historical overviews may be problematic, but where it matters, the staff is engaging, accessible, dedicated, and very much engaged in discovering how to use old techniques they are trained in only just enough.

I recommend it. The $12 admission (plus $1 for the tour) goes toward building costs. I especially recommend it for medievalists and historians of technology: you can help this project with what you know about the subject, the more specifically about medieval building and fabric-working techniques, the better.

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