November 19th, 2010

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Trending bangs

A phrase which increasingly annoys me, the more it is used, is "bang on trend". Worse was the most recent version which arrived in my inbox: "BANG on trend".

It has been used more and more in recent months, exclusively, in my limited and passive sampling, by people in Britain. So just now, I asked Google Timeline to tell me how long it had been around as a phrase. It felt very new to me, but first impressions can be wrong.

Ignoring the clearly-misdated outliers, Google starts recording instances of it from April 2006, when it's used to describe retail products, the UK economy, and jackets. (Example: Dolmio launches new product for kids.) In June 2006, a book reviewer for The Guardian used it.

I wonder where it came from. What happened in the spring of 2006 to bring this to journalists' attention? Was it a television show? A speech somewhere? Wherever it came from, I am resigned to seeing more and more of this phrase for at least a few more years.