November 20th, 2010

Fishy Circumstances


Yesterday, an envelope which looked like junk mail arrived in the mail. It was a single sheet of paper in a generic envelope with pre-printed second class postage. It told me that, a scant five weeks after applying, my application for British citizenship had been accepted, and that I should schedule the ceremony which would make me so within six weeks, and here was the address and phone number to contact. It was surreally anti-climactic.

Today, a nice, thick envelope arrived from the county council, sent first class. It contained a map of Chelmsford and another, hand-drawn map of the county hall. I love maps! I have never been to Chelmsford! A touristic opportunity awaits! The envelope also contained lots more information, on the actual ceremonial part which completes the process of gaining a second citizenship.

The enclosed letter was addressed, ‎"‎Dear Future Citizen".

As of yesterday, this process all felt like a bureaucratic function. Today, I am rather delighted to hold this relatively rare, liminal, transient status I must surely share with not much more than around a thousand people (at most!) at a time: that of future citizen.