March 8th, 2011


Australian flavors

In a fit of serendipity and generosity, naxos was in Australia just when I became curious about some of Australias' bush herbs and spices and fruits. Which is why, along with haggisthesecond's couriering, I now have such an exciting selection of new tastes to explore. Bush tomato, strawberry gum, aniseed myrtle leaf, lemon myrtle leaf, wattleseed, whole pepperberries, mountain pepperleaf, and the one which started it all, akudjara (i.e. ground bush tomatoes). The words are so unfamiliar as to be fictional!

The packages recommend wattleseed and strawberry gum as pancake flavorers - and today is, appropriately, pancake day.

I also have rosella jam now and - thanks to an oversight which just means I will have to see my friends again soon - incipient quandongs. It's all very exciting!