March 22nd, 2011

Fishy Circumstances

Layers at SS Giovanni e Paolo

I took few photographs today, but here is one from SS Giovanni e Paolo the other day. The strange woman dressed in 1930s pseudo-ancient clothing is presumably the Virgin Mary, mourning at the cruxifiction. She is part of a modern glass sculptural panel, all made from glass. Behind, through the transparent background to the modern installation, is a doge's tomb - I can't remember which offhand, but one of a family which habitually provided doges and whose tombs collectively take up the entire back wall of the church.

Today - a too-large portion of fabulously rich hot chocolate; lunch with a family friend; a lecture on a sixteenth-century Venetian fort and its soap-operaesque construction story from someone who turned out to have grown up in the very town where I now live (!); and a quiet evening at home.