May 7th, 2011

Fishy Circumstances

A few days and some books

I was handing my father books to browse. Two pages in to The Dervish House, he told me the introduction was surely based on one by the book he was telling me about earlier in the day, the one whose author he had forgotten. I just looked up the author of the book, The Echo-Maker. Richard Powers, whose book Generosity was a fellow Clarke nominee this spring along with The Dervish House.

In other book-related thoughts, I keep thinking that Soulless would make a really good graphic novel.

I voted for the first time in the UK on a flimsy piece of paper. I hung out with a fifteenth century manuscript with gorgeously clear humanist writing. I went to the Real Food Festival at Earl's Court (only £5 on the opening half-day). It was not at all crowded, and I spent lots of time chatting to vendors and buying things. Lots of samples, and a feeling of being in a village, running into people I knew periodically. (More about the fair later, I hope. It's on until Sunday, and I went in part since I will be missing my favority annual food festival, Taste of London, this year.) Afterward, catching up, meeting new-to-me people, cricket and Novacon incentives at First Thursday.

Strikes in Venice meant my father's flight was rebooked, so that he would no longer arrive in time for the opera. We will see it tomorrow instead: rebooking was so quick, I could scarcely believe it had happened.

A walk through the woods in warm, lightly drippy weather to visit the local bronze age fort and circumambulate it. Then we went down the Underground a mere few stops to a cook-out, a feast of endless, well-seasoned meats, potato skins, and a conveniently thin chocolate cake almost entirely consisting of ganache.