June 13th, 2011


The Naming of Caterpillar Cakes

I learned about caterpillar cakes this weekend. They're cakes, usually chocolate, in the shape of a caterpillar. Google Timeline tells me this kind of cake took off about a decade ago.

What was most striking about the first one was that it bore a proper character name. Apparently, unlike any other food I can think of offhand, some of the other caterpillar cakes do too. I'm bemused that it's semi-necessary to give a cake a proper name.

Tesco: Curly the Caterpillar Cake
M&S: Colin the Caterpillar Cake
Sainsbury: Wiggles the Caterpillar Cake

ASDA Caterpillar Cake
Waitrose Caterpillar Cake

Any others? (I couldn't resolve Morrisons or Booths online.)