October 29th, 2011

Fishy Circumstances

Doncaster Conspiracy

  1. My train from London to York died in Doncaster. Fortunately, it developed its fault while we were in the station. But we still all had to vacate the train and decamp to one which came not long after and onto which we were urged, standing-room only and jam-packed. Except, of course, many people then found they had invalid tickets, since the new train was Cross Country and the original one East Coast.

  2. The next day, I met up with two historians of science on a bus in York city center. They had meant to arrive an hour or two earlier and have time to see the Minster, but their train had died just outside Doncaster, and it was half-an-hour of waiting before they could be pushed into Doncaster station and catch a different train.

  3. Today's train from York to London died in Doncaster. Fortunately, the train which came 20 minutes later had some seats left. It's really just as well I wasn't stuck standing since tracks at Grantham were closed and we rerouted via Lincoln. It took hours; but I'd known in advance it was a hazard of traveling today.

I am disgruntled with trains in Doncaster right now. But I did see Lincoln Cathedral today, albeit from the train.

While in York, I stayed in a house well-stocked in books for young children. One of my hosts was shocked I had never read Meg and Mog. Or Pants! I have now, but he still hasn't read Pat the Bunny or Goodnight Moon.

I read some other books too. Apropos of the first line in Pointy-Hatted Princesses, I have a question for you:

Do "Maud" and "bored" rhyme?

Yes, "Maud" rhymes with "bored".
No, "Maud" does not rhyme with "bored'.