November 16th, 2011



C. called to say he was coming home, and did I have any thoughts on dinner? I did, for once. "Lemons!" I said. He laughed and came home.

He said, "I thought you said we were having lemons." He was hoping we might be having, say, meat and potatoes with our lemons. "What's this baking in the oven, then?" I gestured for him to look. How I treasured the expression of chagrin on his face when he looked in the oven to discovery, baking away.... slices of lemon.

Fortunately, that's not all we ate. marzapane sent me the link for a 101 Cookbooks recipe for red lentil soup with lemon juice. I also made the rather tart roasted lemon "chutney" with which she originally photographed the soup. It's very much a condiment - intense, but flavorful, and best eaten with other things. We ate it with rice and yogurt.