December 22nd, 2011

Fishy Circumstances

Old buffer redux

A few clarifications, following up on yesterday's poll.

"Lord X was an old buffer."

This is an ambiguous statement.
The author clearly means Lord X was a clownish or mocked old man.
The author clearly means Lord X was an old petty officer.
Other, to be explained in a comment.

What is the difference between an old duffer and an old buffer, with respect to human beings? (the_alchemist asked, I'd love to know too.)

Also on the subject of language recently: C wasn't familiar with the phrase "to phone in a performance". major_clanger assures me it's an Americanism.

I'd never encountered "the subject in hand" before, only "the subject at hand"; yet, from online discussions, the former is apparently much more widespread and more multinational than the latter.
Fishy Circumstances

Subject lines will be returning for comments least, in a few weeks, and on what looks like an opt-in basis.

From lj_releases:

We will be making an S2 commenting style that mimics the display of the original/previous S1 commenting pages. This new style will retain the ability to use/display comment subject lines. It will also not have the display issue that arises for long threads in the current S2 customized comment pages, where long threads are very 'squished' (a few words per line, etc) -- threads will display as they did in the previous commenting scheme. We are aiming to have this available within a few weeks.