February 1st, 2012

Fishy Circumstances

A Brief HIstory of SFF/BSFA AGM/Mini-Conventions

Thanks to fishlifter's assistance, involving both other correspondence and email archeology, I've now resolved the last few unknowns in tracing the history of guests for the SFF/BSFA joint AGMs and mini-conventions! (Some of the rest of you helped with the early phases of untangling this several months ago.)

2002 SFF: M. John Harrison, BSFA: Gwyneth Jones
2003 SFF: Kim Newman, BSFA: Ian Watson
2004 SFF: Alastair Reynolds, BSFA: Paul McAuley. Also, Liz Williams.
2005 SFF: Karen Traviss, BSFA: Ian McDonald
2006 SFF: Steven Baxter, BSFA: Juliet McKenna. Also, Bruce Sterling.
2007 SFF: Francis Spufford, BSFA: Jon Courtenay Grimwood
2008 SFF: Geoff Ryman, BSFA: Peter Weston
2009 SFF: Paul Kincaid, BSFA: Nick Harkaway
2010 SFF: Rob Shearman, BSFA: Malcolm Edwards
2011 SFF: Mike Ashley, BSFA: Tricia Sullivan