May 22nd, 2012

Fishy Circumstances

Ten years ago today

Ten years ago on a cold, dark night, today, I set up this account, here on LiveJournal. Ten years already!

It wasn't a social action, but one of self-accountancy, a purpose for which I still use it; although the social elements are even more of a use for it these days in my life. Then, the only person I knew using this service was offline for a month with her newborn - V's birthday is always an advanced reminder to me that this account anniversary is coming up!

These days, despite all the gloomsayers of the end of LJ, there's lots for me to read here on a daily basis, especially from friends whom I know both in spite of LJ and because of it. Thank you all who write it for me (among others) to read.
Fishy Circumstances

Eurovision, First Semi-Final notes

Very glad to see Cyprus and Iceland making the final. Cyprus' song was easier to focus on without the distraction of the Snow White video. Ireland was, of course, much more expected, and their stage show was fantastic! With a large on-stage water fountain!

Really surprised Albania made it through. Their singer has a spectacular voice, but the staging was deeply underwhelming, and the song still doesn't do a whole lot for me. Russia and Greece were givens.

Among those that didn't make it through: Just as glad that Austria's entry is out. Israel's clown video boded ill but the stage show was rather charming and brought out the personification elements more. Belgium was sweet, the second-best, lyrically, of the broken relationships song, but I'm not surprised it didn't get voted through. Latvia's is the entry I would most like to have seen in the final which didn't make it; really charming meta-song.

Nina Zilli, Italy's singer, is a really, really good interviewee.