July 27th, 2012

Fishy Circumstances

Bells for the Olympics

I spent three minutes ringing a modest little jingle bell this morning, ringing a bell of some sort along with thousands - or tens of thousands - of people across the UK as part of Martin Creed's Work No. 1197, marking the start of the Olympics.

The Olympics this year are practically down the road from me, but due to having a very small person around, it seemed easier not to buy tickets (having failed to get any in the very first round of sales, along with 90% of other would-be ticket buyers).

Now, I wish I were going to at least one event. The very little one is well under a year, so would be free, but I'd be nervous about possible transportation complications given the usual fragility of the transport network under strain. Still, it makes me think that I should still look into at least one Paralympic event.

In the meanwhile, I can ring bells.