S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Malta places second

We couldn't get through to Radio 2. No Terry Wogan, but at least we watched it, thanks to Estonian television. Malta was my favorite, Lativa, Sweden, and France all did respectably on my list. In the end, I committed to Malta to follow and C. decisively chose Latvia. What good taste we have. Or rather, a certain proportion of the European voting public leaned our way. It was a close - and therefore exciting - race the whole way between us. Out of 24 countries to choose from, that's not bad on our part!

And afterwards, for about 15 minutes, Estonian TV left the backstage and stage feeds on, with ambient noise. The things one wouldn't normally see on TV, especially for so long, I'd think.

Speaking of Estonia, the warped fairy tales were fascinating. I started actively looking forward to them. Some very memorable ones among them, such as their take on Snow White, Pinocchio, The Princess without a smile, and Ali Baba. Good advertising selection. It obviously worked if I'm still thinking about it. And just think of all those people who'll be going back to the Baltic countries next year for Latvia's hosting.

I haven't downloaded any of the databasing software I need for my dissertation yet. Many irrelevant softwares, but not that one. On the bright side, a mush client for MacOS X was released only 6 days ago. Nice timing on my part.

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