S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The first week of classes

One of the incoming students apparently visited 18 different classes this week. That's taking class shopping week seriously!

This is the first semester ever that I've been in school and am not enrolled in any classes.

Last night was Medieval Studies' annual barbecue. It was well attended, with dozens of people crowding into the GSU's terrace. I ate some particularly flavorful grilled asparagus there, the culinary highlight of the evening. Afterwards, a slew of people went over to a local pub for continued congeniality. I'm a lousy pool player and have not played very often, but I sank more balls with fewer shots than ever before last night!

C.'s parents hadn't realized they had the car until Monday, so we'll be going somewhere tomorrow, perhaps Black Creek Pioneer village. The on street parking pass expired, but the car just barely fits into the garage, so it will be legal for the weekend.

Cindy passed the Latin exam, came by on Thursday for her boxes, and should be safely moved back to Iowa by now.

The Uptown Cinema is closing its doors on Sunday. It's a lovely, old-style cinema with huge amphitheater seating (except with comfy chairs), and an incredible surround sound system. I'll miss it! (Mentioned by theengineer)

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