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TV and strikes

And on other subjects, Happy Fun Pundit discusses the revelations which occured when Canadian specialty tv stations discovered just how few viewers they actually had. And the news wasn't good. But the commentary was amusing.

Meanwhile, on the subject of Canada, in Toronto, city workers are due to go on strike at any moment. The Toronto Star discusses. This will mean no garbage collection, no parks, no ferries to the islands, to name a few.


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Jun. 24th, 2002 12:41 pm (UTC)
You may already have won...
hmmm... you seem to have a sort of Bloggers' Clearinghouse thing happening. Ed McMahon may be knocking at my door any minute.

In other news, eek! a Toronto strike? I arrive on Sunday night and I'm going to be wading through garbage for three weeks? what a big stinkin' pain!
Jun. 24th, 2002 12:54 pm (UTC)
Re: You may already have won...
It's funny you should say that (about the Clearinghouse bit, not the lack of garbage removal!). Half my weblog-reading is of news-and-linklist-intensive blogs, such as Instapundit and BoingBoing, aka Cory Doctorow. The other half is of journal-type weblogs, such as pretty much every one I've yet run across on LJ. And then here's me, doing a half-breed with heavy doses of both styles of weblogging. I'm so impressionable.

The strike was originally due to begin this past midnight, so on the bright side, they're still negotiating. On the down side, the news sources I've been looking at all sound pretty pessimistic about the possibility of avoiding the strike. MetroToday on Friday reported a handful of different groups of city employees being in effect told that the city was planning on a strike of circa two weeks. Surely, if it does happen, it won't go on for anywhere near as long as the provincial employees strike that recently ended did.
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