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Job Fair, and other rainy day activities

I stopped by the Work/Study Abroad fair on campus today. It seemed like an outside chance that it would have anything suitable for someone who's neither an undergraduate, nor looking for student exchanges, but I think the time paid off. In between the booths advertising opportunities in Australia and travelling grants for Canadian citizens were representatives of the funding bodies from France and Germany. The woman from the French consultate promised to send me some more information on possible postdoc funding in France. To tide me over, I have some pretty, glossy brochures.

Two books I ordered a week ago arrived, including Grafton's The Footnote: A curious history, a book about which I have long been curious. It's piled up with my large collection of newly-checked out library books and new Toronto Lifes for freshly available reading material. Strangely enough, the October Toronto Life arrived last week, and the September one came this week.

I am one of thousands of students who currently has a student card which is about to expire, despite the fact that my fee status was meant to have been resolved weeks ago. It has nothing to do with my fee status anymore, really. It's a bug in the system. As I wandered from library to library, checking out books, librarians gave me all sorts of different advice as to how to act on the problem. All but one, happily, could override the system's limitation and let me check out books for the entire period.


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 22nd, 2003 05:56 pm (UTC)
Someone in my department reports he fixed his by accident - someone at Robarts physically directed him to the Access office where one of the two people I have been told to contact took his card, wandered off, and wandered back and said it was all fixed. It's the same desk as the carrel office apparently. Ask for Lari Langford or Perry Hall. At engineering they said I could email one of them; my department's admin asst. said to call.


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