S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Mountain Day

On a beautiful fall day, when the weather was clear and a swathe of yellows and golds shone in the green of the trees, the day would dawn with the ringing of bells all across my undergraduate campus. The bells told all who heard that there would be no classes today. The date was always the source of much guessing. We all knew within a week or two when it would be, but we would only know when the bells chimed. The whole day ready and waiting, many would follow the day's named mandate (Mountain Day) and go climb a mountain. Many more would use the time to sleep in, or catch up on homework.

Today, the bells called out the day across the campus. I didn't hear them from all the hundreds of miles away that I now am, but spunbutterfly let us know. Even where I am now, the day is looking to be a lovely one, full of autumnal warmth and clear skies with a gentle wind. And, as it happens, I don't even have classes today, for all I will be catching up on work.

Happy Mountain Day.

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