S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Lost in Translation

I enjoyed seeing Lost in Translation. It did justice to Japan, and the feeling of being a foreigner there. It was appropriately tiring watching so many very tired people. It had a good sense of rhythm, of daily life. There were lovely shots of Kyoto temples, looking elegantly mostly empty.

It was a movie which sampled as well. There were lots of little details of exactly the sort a stranger particularly notices in Japan - people reading graphic graphic novels on the subways, for example; tying prayers to tree limbs. The movie didn't explain - it didn't need to. If you didn't understand, it would only add to the ambiance it evoked.

The only sequences I am less sure about are those with Charlotte's friends - they were confusing - but to a degree I know they were meant to be so. Also, their pacing seemed less sure than the rest of the movie. The karaoke scene dragged a little, I thought.

Also - I loved the dinosaur and elephants walking across the building!
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