S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Medievalists worldwide

One of the long-term requirements of becoming a medievalist is the necessity of studying languages. I'm not a language junkie, but I've covered a few over the years, between passing the French and German requirements of my degree, speaking a certain amount of Italian, and, of course, the perpetual need to learn more Latin. I've only covered parts of two language families, and those are the only languages I can really make any use of these days. (Although briefly, too briefly to be of continued use, in times long past, I did study Arabic and Japanese.) I write all this to admit that, despite at least some marginal degree of competency in language other than English, I have never actually searched for medievalists writing weblogs in other languages.

This realization was brought on by an email recently received from a German scholar, pointing me in the direction of two weblogs, one in German, one largely in English, the first of which observed the following about the list of medievalists with weblogs I've been maintaining. "Statt den lästig fast täglich aus dem Boden spriessenden Landblawgen wäre ein deutsches Mittelalter-Weblog an der Zeit!" I don't know if I can find any more German ones, but I certainly should do some trawling to see if I can locate at least a few medievalist weblogs in other languages - if, of course, they exist. As I expect them to. Let me know if you notice one!

Looking at that page reminds me... the website's well overdue for an overhaul, particularly in its color scheme. C.'s been saying I should make it more legible for months.

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