S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Thanksgiving Part 1

Turkey, cranberries, insta-gravy, stuffing with walnuts and dried cherries, cauliflour, corn, squash, potatoes with rosemary and lemon peel, salad, bread, pumpkin ice cream pie. It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, and as long as our house was already clean from Friday's party, having a dinner party seemed like a good idea. It was the first time we'd fed more than 4 people with real cutlery, plates, and wine glasses, and the food turned out realy well. We didn't make the bread or the pumpkin ice cream pie. That was one good pie, irvinl - I can see why C. has been dreaming about it since last year.

We didn't end up with too many leftovers, although there was plenty for a good turkey soup for lunch today, and we have a whole Queen of Tarts apple pie all to ourselves, as well as pumpkin ice cream pie leftovers. Good eating. And there's another Thanksgiving in another 6 weeks or so.
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