S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Who needs newspapers when you can read LJ posts?

I looked through the city's free newspaper today and determined that I'd already read about all the interesting news thanks to updates courtesy of LJ friends: tammabanana for NaNoWriMo, curtana for the latest on Chaucer and the British Library, paladyn for the latest on Iraq, and hilly02 for burning edge California fire updates. Oh, and the release of Panther, covered in great detail off-LJ by Dive into Mark. Between them, they didn't miss much.

No one mentioned Sarah MacLachlan's comeback album, or that bubblegum just turned 75 years old though, so maybe newspapers are still useful after all.

Update: In other news, I just learned that Canada is now hosting the world Rock, Paper, Scissors championships, for the largest RPS purse ever.

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