S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


It's threatening to storm. The thunder's been busy rumbling and it's darkly overcast. Hmm. Do I really need to go to school this afternoon to run errands? I know I ought to go ake the copies and bind the thesis (I figure, it's done now, what's the hurry? Anyways, I've had latin and birthday present shopping to do lately), as well as pick up the present for C. I left at school. It would be an easy afternoon's set of errands if it didn't bode pouring rain.

I don't know why the people on the radio think weather of 30 degrees for the coming weekend will be "perfect". When it's that warm around here, there's almost inevitably smog.

Correctional note about the strike: It's the outdoor city workers who're striking. The indoor workers have a strike deadline of Saturday. (And, incidentally, the city library workers have one of July 4th).

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