S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


In the last week, two people I didn't know well enough died.

Hal Clement, hard SF writer and ardent convention goer, passed away. The Penneys sent the news around, and paladyn posted a memoriam for him. He was a familiar face from all sorts of conventions in the greater New England area, giving talks on scientific topics, usually astronomic or physics-related. Kuomori admired him greatly. It's thanks to her that I first really noticed his presence at conventions.

This morning, I learned that Erica Schmitt (Smith '99) died in a car crash on Friday night. darktouch wondered at his somewhat flighty friend's absence from his wedding, but the reality made it all clear in retrospect. As proof that I never knew her well enough, I offer the fact that I can't remember if I knew her from my house or SSFFS, but I'm certain it was one of the two. Regardless, it put a shadow on my morning.
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