S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Matrix, part 3

I accidentally saw Matrix Revolutions on Tuesday.

We'd gone to see Elf, but Now listed the wrong time, so by the time we showed up 45 minutes early for the show, we were already an hour late for it. I was tempted to go home, but figured it was best just to get the Matrix movie out of the way. We were going to see it sooner or later. I hadn't realized it would be sooner. That said, it wasn't as soon as we thought. We asked for tickets to the 10 o'clock showing and were handed more expensive tickets to the 10:30 Imax show. At least everything was cheaper for it being a Tuesday. (This is also why we'd tried to be quite so early for our initially intended movie.)

A consequence of seeing the movie in Imax was that I didn't get to see any of the exciting previews which snowdrifted had described. Still, seeing it in Imax probably helped the movie. I've had memorably good times watching every regular movie I've seen in Imax. The better sound system and the size of the screen really help good visuals. Then again, I've not seen a truly all-round good movie in Imax yet: the other two were Tomb Raider I and Final Fantasy.

Short Review: It was okay. I cared more about the romance between Link and Zee than the main characters. There were some good moments along the way, many of which were particularly good because of the way in which we were seeing the movie.

Trivia: In one scene, Zee is grinding gunpowder together with a mortar and pestle. Where on earth do the people of Zion get the charcoal to make all that gunpowder with? Seeing that scene was nicely thematic with the rest of my day, since I taught a lecture on gunpowder earlier that day, a lecture which was immediately proceeded by a battery of cannons firing from Queen's Park.

Spoiler Commentary: I'm glad I read lots of spoilers for this movie in advance. It meant I was much calmer about most of what plot points there were in the movie. There were only two elements which particularly surprised me, since none of the reviews I'd read had mentioned them: Neo's loss of eyesight, and Sati.

Sati was an interesting plot device, but I was never clear on what her new purpose was with the Oracle. A trivial thing which bothered me even more was the suitcase in the train station. Did it bother Neo that he deprived Sati's father of his belongings? Did the contents of the suitcase matter to him? The suitcase was just abandoned there.

In the big defense-of-the-dock scene: wouldn't it have been more practical to have lots of well-armored people with guns rather than the big mechas with no people-armor?

I still want to see Elf.
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