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In search of bookmarks

It's a good thing I have a backup of my bookmarks from several months ago, since anything more recent than that has been wiped several times over. Mozilla 1.3 was fairly stable. It was a decent web browser, and I could go back to it if my subsequent adventures tire me. I upgraded to 1.4, but that was so unstable as to not bother with. I don't think I used it for more than a few days. Then came 1.5 and I was very, very happy. The feature I'd been coveting for ages had finally been incorporated into the browser: it queried a confirmation whenever I wanted to close multiple tabs! I was so happy that i didn't mind as much as I should have the first time the browser crashed and wiped out my bookmarks in the process.

Of course, then it kept doing it. It's not that it crashes very often, and that it crashes at all is partially a by-product of the software being both memory leaky and my tendency to leave browsers open for days, if not weeks, on end, if I can. But every time 1.5 has crashed, it's wiped out what few new bookmarks I'd added in. At least, whenever I find stability again, I can upload that August backup.

Today, I'm trying out Firebird 0.7.1. I don't know what known bugs there are for it. It doesn't use my Mozilla preferences, so I'm having to figure out what many of my passwords are. But at least it shouldn't wipe out my bookmarks.


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Nov. 16th, 2003 11:43 pm (UTC)
Wow.. I've never had that problem with any version of Mozilla since 1.0.

Of course 0.7 was a nightmare - sure taught me not to listen to a certain bronze rider at Ista, at least about half done browsers. Way to go G'rel! :)

I used to use K-melion before Mozilla got stable releases. I prefer Moz 1.5... but then I don't leave a browser up for days either.
Nov. 17th, 2003 07:24 am (UTC)
Less than 24 hours later, Firebird is still doing okay, but that's not much of a test. So was 1.5 after 24 hours.

I don't use alpha releases of web browsers, but other than that, I've usually done fine. I haven't had as many problems with web browsers as I have had in the past few weeks. That said, I'll upgrade as soon as 1.6 is out since I really love having the confirmation dialog for quitting multiple tabs. Every week or three I'll slip and accidentally close all tabs instead of one, which, without the confirmation, can be an immensely frustrating moment.
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