S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Hunting the light

The darker and dark the days become, the earlier and earlier I want to head home each day. Usually, I succeed. It's an advantage of being able to work largely from home, with the blinds pulled up to catch what light remains in the day. By 5 pm or thereabouts, the sun has set.

Although I have an entire desk and quarter office assigned to me this semester, I've scarcely used it. It's located in a windowless room, you see. I'd rather sit at my desk in a carrel room shared with thirty or so other students, with large, high windows all around me. I can work when there's light and quiet, even when surrounded by other people - as long as they're working too, of course. I consider the libraries on campus based on which have the best windows. In the middle of winter, there's nothing like working in the Earth Sciences library's reading room, which is crowned with a rotunda of windows. The downside is that it's on the complete opposite end of campus from my department. I love the new study areas in Gerstein, but they're only good for ambient light. Pratt has plenty of carrels next to full-wall windows big and clear enough to see as easily out as in.

This morning, for the first time in ages, I woke up with the sunshine. The windows in my bedroom are largely north-facing, so not strong on light. That said, there's a small window which overlooks the south-facing balcony. This morning, the sun shown clear, strong, and low, reflecting of the pristine white of the three inches of snow which fell last night, off of a sheet of glass on the wall, off of the pale paint of the walls, and warmed me to wakefulness. For all this first snowfall means that winter really has begun, at least it brings more light back with it than there has been for many grey and rainy weeks.

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