S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


* After years of admiring lovely wrought iron wine racks, elegant oriental-inspired curves of stained hardwood wineracks, and tables with built-in winerack, I am now the proud owner of a cheap, functional $15 Ikea winerack. We figured it was better to go this route and acquire a winerack we'd be wiling to abandon when we leave Toronto if necessary. I asked a friend of mine to pick up an 8-bottle rack while she was at Ikea next time. This morning, she delivered a relative of the one I'd asked for: this one holds 16 bottles. I'm not even sure we've ever had as many as 8 bottles of wine in the house simultaneously, let alone 16!

* I have seen many movies and such in the last few weeks: Elf, Looney Tunes, Timeline, the Extended Two Towers, and a few episodes of Captain Tyler. Perhaps I shall even post reviews of some of them, one of these days.

* The idiot who was "helping" me at the movie theatre last night, when asked if I could buy a ticket to see the movie on the 17th, informed me that the 8:30 showing was sold out. "That's nice", said I. "What about some other time slot for the movie? " He looked at me expressionlessly. "The 8:30 showing is sold out." Eventually he told me to come back next Wednesday, they'd have more tickets then.

I am deeply convinced that he has given me incorrect information for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that when I asked about tickets the previous week had mentioned there was an 11:30am showing. The movie theatre is full of advertisement saying these tickets are on sale. I went away grumpy with the apparent lack of tickets, and furious with the ineffectual information-giving of the saleman - this, with a long line of people waiting for movie tickets and only two salepeople selling tickets. Anyways, I don't have tickets yet, and the night of the 16th apparently sold out in under an hour!! (For perspective, at least for the FotR, Toronto raked in something like 18 percent of the entire North American take for the movie.)

* The Centre for Medieval Studies annual holiday party was last night, featuring carols, eggnog, gingerbread, and a ginger-and-honey recipe from the later Middle Ages. Afterwards we went out to the pub, loitered, and chatted. I had a good conversation with a number of upper-year PhD students and faculty about job hunting, interviewing, and the like. When the latin professor I studied with last year left, he mentioned he'd be on leave next semester, and wished me well with my job prospects. For the first time, the prospect of graduating seems both closer and marginally more feasible.

* My parent's apartment is now legal to live in, and has various beds on the way. The utilities should be on any day, if they aren't already. At this rate, we'll be camping out in the apartment for Christmas, with plenty of beds, but no tables, chairs, or other furnishings. It'll be an adventure.

* The basement corridor is in the process of being painted a cheery spring green. I dodged the walls en route to do laundry. Whenever the basement apartment has been renovated, it'll become an apartment again, for the landlady's brother.

* "Into the West" has been growing on me. I listened to it a number of times while assembling the wine rack. Now... to belatedly assemble this year's Playmobil advent calendar.

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